How Safe Are Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices?

RapidVPN/ July 14, 2018/ Blog/

Technology continues to deliver the best it has to offer in all areas of human endeavors. Its advancement is felt in the field of smart homes that witness the invention of the automatic door lock, vied doorbells, and other automation as introduced by Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are virtual personal assistants that carry out several automated tasks using voice commands. The two devices not only play or stream music but also get tasks done through voice control. With more devices being linked to Amazon Echo and Google Home every day, these virtual assistants now have more control more than you can imagine.

There is a high level of risk connected to using these devices as they could be vulnerable to attacks or hacking. If any of these devices become vulnerable, then your entire home and privacy can be encroached on by hackers. The only known vulnerability of these devices is leaving them with their default password, usually 1-2-3-4.

Also, all smart devices linked to Amazon Echo or Google Home must have their default passwords changed to reduce the level of vulnerability or insecurity because they are more vulnerable than the virtual assistants.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are always listening, waiting for the voice command to act on. As a result, it is best to keep them out of bedrooms because they are always listening and you can never tell, they might start recording, although according to the theory they are not supposed to record until prompted by voice command for that purpose. Regardless, you should not take the risk. Besides, you can access and delete all recordings that are saved in their cloud servers, to be safe.

To enhance the safety of these digital assistants, do not put the computer you use for banking and other commercial transactions on the same Wi-Fi network. This will prevent hackers from getting into your monitor and access your bank details, accounts or tax information.

To further ensure that Amazon Echo and Google Home are safe, customize their setting and tone down their functionalities’ settings by altering how they were designed to function. For instance, you may set it to shut down a device by voice command but will not start it up by voice. Re-engineer how your Amazon Echo or Google Home should function differently from the norm.

Take note; all technologies come with their potential risks or vulnerability, it takes the users to close up the gap and be in full control of how the technology works for them to prevent weakness and other unforeseen threats.

Amazon Echo and Google Home have their potential vulnerability despite carrying a significant level of security or safety. The onus is on users to strengthen their safety.