How is AI helping cybersecurity?

RapidVPN/ July 27, 2018/ Blog/

Cybersecurity is highly crucial to the experience of the cyber community, organizations, businesses, and individuals, and the health of the cyberspace. And staying in a defensive position against cyber-attacks requires some facilities and capable manpower. As a result, stakeholders need to prepare for possible attacks and threats and be able to prevent them or limit the impact of any attacks.

Staying on guard several hours per week in anticipation of cyber-attacks by the cybersecurity professionals to respond to appropriately and effectively to threats and attacks can be tiring. However, introducing the AI systems into the mainstream of cybersecurity will give a cutting-edge innovation that will provide a respite in the face of the difficult task of anticipating, combating, and preventing cyber-attacks.

One of the ways that AI can help cybersecurity is that the new AI algorithms will use the Machine Language to detect cybersecurity risks and respond appropriately. The AI can detect the new generation of malware and cyber-attacks, which can be difficult to detect by humans. And by using the data from previous cyber-attacks, AI can respond to more modern but similar cyber threats and attacks.

The AI can also help the cybersecurity to categorize attacks based on threat level. This is somewhat a difficult and impossible task for the cybersecurity professionals; however, introducing the machine learning principles into the systems, which will adapt over time, will give a dynamic edge over cyber terrorists and their threats or attacks.

Because the intelligent automation of the AI will be able to detect threats that humans may not have the time and resources to research and detect, AI can directly handle threats handle threats and attacks effectively on their own based on the standardized procedure or playbook. AI systems do not falter or make mistakes like humans. AI will respond to each threat accordingly.

Another great way that AI is helping the cybersecurity is that the AI systems will help to create an enormous amount of free time for each employee to focus on other developmental research and tasks. With AI being able to detect simple attacks or threats, the system can also handle or contain the development on its own without yielding to the attack.

There have never been various cyber threats and risks more than we have today. And as these threats and attacks are getting more sophisticated and impactful, it takes the profound learning ability and adaptability of the AI’s Machine Language to stay on top of the situation. Finally, the effect and impact of AI on cybersecurity cannot be underestimated or overemphasized; AI is the future cybersecurity.