4 Best Android Messaging Apps

RapidVPN/ November 2, 2016/ Blog/

The traditional SMS text message is almost becoming obsolete, due to the emergence and adoption of easy-to-use, popular messaging apps. These apps provide free text messaging and tailor-made options for video, voice, and file sharing to a variety of users. Below find the four best android messaging apps.



It offers easy setup, many features, advertisement free experience and automatic syncing with your Android phone contacts; all these combine to make the messaging app very attractive. It allows you to send photos, text messages, video and voice messages to your WhatsApp contacts for free. It also lets users create groups and share information and uses the very internet data plan that you use for web and email browsing. According to tomsguide, new features include fully encrypted messaging between users’, use of emoji and the recently launched desktop version to use with any computer with a web browser.


Facebook Messenger

It is a messaging app that mounts on Facebook’s enduring chat network but has other mobile messaging traits. When users sign in via Facebook, they can send text messages, photos, voice and video messages to other Messenger users. Messenger has a “Chat Heads” feature on Android that pops up on the screen allowing you to chat even when other apps are running on the display. Facebook also has a slimmed down Messenger Lite app, offering a slimmed down core messaging experience for older Android devices with less processing power and memory.



According to mashtips, it is one of the best multiplatform apps to text, send stickers and emoticons, make free calls and send photos, video and voice messages to family and friends anywhere in the world. It is easy to set up and presents many user options. It uses your phone number as your login and syncs with your phone to help you find your contacts that are using the app. The app has a feature that allows you to make free calls to landline phones and non-Viber numbers worldwide.


Google Hangouts

It is an all-in-one mobile messaging app that has many features. It connects users with a Google or Android account, allowing them to make video calls (both individual and group) to other users, send group or individual chat messages, share emoji, animated gifs, and photos.  According to Android Authority, Smartphone users can also send MMS and SMS messages through the Hangouts app.


These apps provide a multitude of features and can be utilized according to individual requirements. Choose the one that meets your needs.