Understand the Pillars of Cyber Threat Intelligence

RapidVPN/ December 3, 2017/ Blog/

It is virtually impossible to run a successful business today without a strong online presence. It no longer matters if you are the best enterprise in your sector, you will be targeted by cybercriminals. It is for this reason that you need a program to thwart cybersecurity threats. To protect your business fully, you need to have a high level of cyber intelligence, and for most entrepreneurs, it is a hard concept to understand.

A strong cyber intelligence program will help in the collection, analyze, and produce accurate and comprehensive assessments of threats that will help in the making of cybersecurity decisions. Let us look at the pillars that make up a strong cyber intelligence.

Pillars of Cyber Intelligence


This type of intelligence comes in handy by providing upper management with data so that they can access and quantify the risks facing the business and brief senior management. It comes in handy to help in determining the objectives of cybersecurity. The information gained will help in giving guidance based on the known and unknown threats facing the business and take measures against the impending threats. The goal of this pillar is to make everyone aware of the cyber threat landscape and the impact it has on the enterprise.


This pillar acts to bridge the non-technical and the technical nature of tactical cyber intelligence. It aids the enterprise’s executive managers in the creation of strategic plans and policies to protect the organization from potential cyber threats. It is critical in creating a strategy to defend the business from potential threats.


This intelligence pillar comes in handy to detect and respond to potential threats as well as those that are already in the network. It facilitates the predictive analysis of the threats before the gain access to the business’s network. It is responsible for providing relevance and context to all the data collected as well as empowering the organization to develop proactive cybersecurity programs as well as to help in the creation of risk management policies. The tactical pillar ensures that the program is not only reactive to the threats but also predictive by ensuring early detection of cybersecurity intrusion.


Most organizations already have this framework in place, and it is necessary to ensure that the security department has employees who keep on improving their skills. Enforcing these pillars will give you time to expand your business without the worry of losing your vital information to competitors.