RapidVPN stepped into the picture in 2007

RapidVPN/ October 16, 2015/ Blog/

RapidVPN emerged in the shadow of persistent threat to the security of information from hackers, data sniffers, and online thieves. As we moved from fixed lines to mobile internet access points (via Wi-Fi, WLANs, Hot Spots, etc.), the threat perception to privacy and anonymity of internet users increased manifold.

RapidVPN stepped into the picture in 2007 with the sole aim to provide cutting-edge technological solution to this problem that was threatening to engulf large swathes of cyberspace. We explored the VPN route and sought to empower it with the adoption of sophisticated encryption technology at multiple levels to secure the online information from identity theft attacks.

With this roadmap in mind, we invested heavily in R&D and the result is the emergence of a VPN service that spans the length and breadth of the globe and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers across the world. The goal is realized by skilful heads and experienced hands of our professional team of network security experts and computer wizards.