Nations with the Fastest Internet Speed

RapidVPN/ April 26, 2017/ Blog/

Over the last ten years, internet speed across the globe has tremendously improved. Thanks to advancement in technology, ISPs now have advanced servers and new systems for offering their services. Here is a brief overview of nations with the fastest internet speed in the world today.

Number 1# South Korea

According to an article posted on Tech Worm, the average internet speed in the country is 29 Mbps. This figure is 4.6 times higher than the global average. To help you get a clear picture of the impact that this speed has internet accessibility, a computer can download a 5,000 Mb HD movie in less than three minutes if uninterrupted. Surprisingly, only 80% of the households in the country have access to the internet, and the 20% that do face usage limitations.

Number 2# Norway

Norway internet speed increased by 68% from the 2015 to hit 21.3 Mbps. At this speed, you can upload up to five high-quality photos to social media platforms or any other website in one second.

Number 3# Sweden

The average internet speed in Sweden is estimated to be 20.6 Mbps. Unlike other countries, internet users in the country rarely experience delays or downtime as internet service providers are keen on offering nothing but the best connections to customers. You can run multiple applications that are known to use a lot of bandwidth seamlessly. Internet speed increased by 32% in 2016.

Number 4# Hong Kong

Hong Kong ranked number one in the lists of countries with the fastest internet speed in 2013. At that time, the average speed was 60 Mbps, but this figure has so far dropped to 19.9 Mbps.

Number 5# Japan

According to an article posted on The Mesh News, Japan average internet speed is 18.2 Mbps, and it is distributed to customers using high-speed fiber optics. This speed allows people in the same household or office to access various websites and use multiple applications at the same time without experiencing slow-downs. It is also important to note that more than 100 million people have access to this internet. The introduction of 5G service is expected to increase the speed to 42.2 Mbps.

Internet speed in other parts of the country is also projected to increase as Internet service providers and the governments introduce new technologies. Internet security will also become more important as more people get direct access to fast internet speed.