Manual VPN Connection vs. Installed VPN Application: Which is better?

RapidVPN/ May 11, 2016/ Blog/


We all want to ensure that we are safe when online, but if you use public Wi-Fi, or connect to unprotected providers, then you could easily be targeted by unwanted advertisers, websites and even cyber criminals such as fraudsters. In order to protect yourself when online and also to enable you to access otherwise geographically blocked online content then it is a great idea to set up a VPN.
You have a couple of options with regards to setting up a VPN; either you can set up a manual VPN connection, or you could download and use an installed VPN application. Both options will help you to stay safe online, but vary in their set up and usage. If you don’t know which is better for your online browsing, then it may be hard to determine which option you should choose. Read on to find out more about manual VPN connections, and installed VPN applications, and to find out which one is better for you.


Installed VPN application

Installed VPN applications allow you to safely surf the web whether you are on a Windows, Android, iOS or Mac device. An installed VPN application is really easy to install onto your device, and also easy to find and use once downloaded. There are many different VPN apps to choose from, and the services they offer can vary. Most VPN apps will offer a list of potential servers to choose from so you can pick the fastest and most convenient option. Apps are great as they are easy to use, and are convenient as they enable you to save your preferences for the future so that configuration is simple and straightforward.  Additionally, installing a VPN application is a good option if you don’t have the time, or don’t know how to set up a VPN manually.


However, a big consideration that you need to take into account if you opt for installing a VPN app onto your device is that some can be unreliable, and some providers can use viruses to hack into your device and access your information. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the reliability of the app provider before downloading it!


Manual VPN connection

Manual VPN connections also allow you to safely surf the web. A manual VPN connection is a network that you set up for your devices. Manual VPN connections are great because they enable you to set up an encrypted connection so that you can ensure that your online information is secure and private. This is great if you do not know the internet provider as manual VPN connections do not have the same level of hacking risk as VPN apps. However, manual VPN connections can be difficult to set up, and lack the support that you can access when you install a VPN application.


To conclude, getting a VPN is essential if you want to stay safe when online. There are two major ways that you can set up a personal VPN; manually or via an installed application. There are pro’s and con’s to both methods. If you have the time, and are willing to put in the effort, then manually setting up a VPN connection is the safest way to go, especially if you are going to be using your VPN for the long term, and will likely be accessing the internet from unknown providers. However, if you lack time, and aren’t sure about how to set up a manual VPN connection, then downloading a VPN app is probably the best route for you.