Windows automatic updates: What are the Risks and Benefits?

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Windows automatic updates: What are the Risks and Benefits

In the current highly automated world, it is imperative to make sure that your computer programs are always updated to perform various tasks such as creating financial documents and accessing the internet quickly. Luckily, it is possible to command the Windows operating system to update the programs automatically.

Here are the benefits and risks of automating Windows updates.


Enhance Security

Cybercriminals have come up with sophisticated malware and spyware that are not easily identified by the existing anti-virus software in the market. Allowing Windows to install updates automatically will ensure that your firewall is updated. Concisely, all security purchases should be installed immediately to protect you from online threats comprehensively.

Get Direct Access to New Features

By allowing Windows to update your programs automatically, you will get all new features as soon as they are made available by the application manufacturers.

Save time and Money

Excellent time management skills will ensure that you complete all tasks on time. Keeping the windows updates automatically on will eliminate the hassle of downloading and installing the same updates manually. Doing so will free up your to-do-list for other important tasks.


Admins Losing Track of Changes

Some updates do not require the administrator’s permission to make changes on the computer. From a distance, this might seem minor and completely reasonable, but for computers with sophisticated programs that support the company’s or organization data system, such occurrence can compromise the functionalism of the program not to mention result in loss of data.

According to an article posted on eSecurity Planet, a recent Microsoft security update caused an incompatibility with a core DLL, and this resulted in a system that would show a “Stop error” when restarted. If the installation were done manually, the system administrator would have been in a position to identify the issue before it was installed.

No Control Over what is installed

You will not be able to know what changes are made on the various programs since you will not be notified before the updates are installed. This action could hamper the manner in which some of the program function thereby lowering the efficiency of the computer. As stated in an article published on Nassau Computer Repairs, a program that is designed to increase security can set you up for fraud and identity theft especially if the security fix is not made available on time.  In addition, if the computer is infected with malware, the cybercriminal can bypass the firewall and install malicious programs by exploiting this loophole.

The bottom line is; allowing your computer to update programs automatically is not recommended as it can affect the system negatively in some instances. Instead, check the updates manually and install only those that are essential or necessary.