What’s the Difference between Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting?

RapidVPN/ November 16, 2016/ Blog/

Unknown to most people is that there are major differences between a dedicated server and a cloud hosting. Knowing the differences between the two will help you to choose the right option for your business or organization.

Here are the main differences between cloud hosting and a dedicated server to help you make an informed decision.

Access to Resources Online

According to Applied Innovations Corporations, customers who choose to invest in cloud hosting, get resources online in minutes. However, clients who have a dedicated server can wait for weeks to get the same resources. This means that the latter can hamper business growth and productivity.

Access to Applications, Tools, and Contents

Cloud hosting has a community open driven development AIP that allows all users to access tools for auto provisioning, auto management, as well as auto scaling fast. On the other hand, in a dedicated server environment, you might have to wait for the company to allocate the tools to you. Ideally, the amount of time that it will take to get these tools is dependent on the work ethics and professionalism of the vendor.

Speed and Performance

Cloud hosting is relatively slow, and the performance is inconsistent due to the fact most of the resources are shared among customers. For instance, you will notice a significant slowdown when one customer whom you are sharing the same resources with starts to send large amounts of write requests to the storage array since the upstream network is shared.

An article posted on Hosting Decisions indicated that dedicated servers offer fast speed and reliable performance, as the resources on the server are not shared with any other user. Most companies allow cloud hosting clients to scale up RAM and CPU, but unfortunately, increasing disk IO is usually impossible or limited.


Cloud hosting is usually cheaper than the dedicated server is because you will be sharing the resources with other users. You could get a cloud hosting package for few dollars a month, but the downsides such as inconsistent performance could set back your business. The dedicated server package is expensive since the resources are not shared with other users. That is, each customer is assigned his or her resources and has full control them.


Cloud hosting is a less expensive option for most businesses that have a limited budget but it does not offer the same level of protection as the dedicated server. The security of your business data and its accessibility should come above expense.

Put each of the above facts into deep consideration before making your final decision to get value for money and avert inconveniences down the road.