What is Google Stalking and How to prevent that?

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What is Google Stalking

Google stalking is the search and use of information or data of people by an individual or group to harass, intimidate and cause you fear for different reasons. Common abusive behaviors that occur with the use of technology include monitoring communications with others, transmitting threats, making false accusations, identity theft, damage to personal data or equipment, solicitation of minors for sexual purposes and other forms of aggression.

According to Bustle, Google stalking is common these days. Everybody does it, and it doesn’t make you a creep and we will talk about how to stop someone from Google stalking you in this article. We live in the century where information and records of people are online either through social media or a through an online forum or community, and we’re always moved to find out as much as we possibly can about everything else online and this is how it starts.


How to prevent that

What you simply need to do is actually by not having your full name on your profiles in any social media or websites. When you put your profile on a social network (ex: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter), on an online dating service or on any site that shares information about the users, it is accessible to anyone using a computer. Once your information is in the network, it may continue to be available to anyone, even strangers, even though you remove it from the site address.


Okay it happened, now what do I do

Your primary e-mail address is very important and can be used as the foundation to all your information online. So do not give it to anyone you do not directly know or trust. Tell anyone who does have your address not to include it in group e-mails.

Limit or avoid the use of social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace. If you do use them, do not put identifying information in your profile. Use the security features to allow only known friends and associates access to your profile.

Tell your friends that you do not want them posting any pictures or information about you on their social networking sites and if you think the person stalking you may have access to your e-mail, then start another private account that includes no personally identifiable information in your user name.

Make sure you use a secure password because stalking might actually lead to hack. Do not use this address for any social network contacts such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. Find out how accessible you are on the Internet by searching for your name on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. It is helpful to know what information about you is available on the Internet. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo may have links to your contact information.