What is dedicated IP (Static IP) VPN

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What is an IP Address?

IP means ‘Internet Protocol,’ and it refers to a unique address given to each computer that connects to a particular network.

What is a VPN?

A VPN means virtual private network, which is more or less a “simulated” private network extended across a public network. It allows users to surf the internet as if they are directly connected to a true private network.

What is a Dedicated IP (Static IP) VPN?

The IP addresses provided by VPN providers can be static (dedicated) or dynamic (shared). A dedicated IP (Static IP) VPN is a generated IP address provided by VPN provider, and it is static, not shared, and it does not change over time.

Each time a user connects to a dedicated IP VPN, the internet protocol remains the same because it is a specified IP address reserved for the subscriber. However, a dedicated IP VPN is a premium service provided at a cost since the IP will be solely reserved for the subscriber that paid for it. There are quite a lot of benefits connected to using a dedicated IP (static IP) VPN.

Benefits of Dedicated IP VPN

Here are some of the benefits of a dedicated IP VPN.

1. Personal, Unshared IP Address

A dedicated IP VPN provides the user with an unchanging  IP address that is meant for the user only unlike a dynamic (shared) IP that is shared by several users to access restricted websites and protect their real IP addresses.

2. Static, Unchanging IP Address

Another benefit of a dedicated IP VPN is that the IP address does not change apart from being used only by the subscriber. It does not keep changing like the dynamic (shared) IP address.

3. Prevents Getting Banned

Some websites place a high value on static, dedicated IP addresses and frown at shared IP addresses. These websites usually ban users on shared (dynamic) IP addresses for the antics of other users. So, users of dedicated IP addresses usually escape getting banned.

4. Avoidance of “Unrecognized IP Address” and Getting Banned

There are some websites such as PayPal, eBay, Google, and Credit Card companies that track their users’ IP addresses for security purposes. They, unavoidably, block users whose IP addresses keep changing by sending an “Unrecognized IP address” message and temporarily disable login until they can confirm the identity of the users. With a dedicated IP VPN, users are not exposed to this development.