What are the security concerns of the year 2017?

RapidVPN/ February 26, 2017/ Blog/

2016 was the year when the cases of cyber crimes such as the hacking of private information always became prominent. This year, security experts expect the cases to surge upwards as hackers come up with new innovate ways of carrying out their malicious attacks.

Here are some of the security concerns that you can expect in 2017 as per an article posted on Tech Republic.

Increase in Cyber Defense and Cyber Offense Incidents

According to a statement by Mark Testoni of SAP National Security Arm, this year, the provision of cyber security products to government agencies and companies will increase. As a result, more commercial threat intelligence capacities and skills will be adopted by corporations and organizations in a bid to protect their systems from hackers.

Adaptive machine learning and high-performance computing will be widely used in setting up network since forensic analysis has proven to be ineffective in preventing impending new era cyber-attacks.

Cases of Extortion and Ransomware Will Increase

According to Stephen, NSFOCUS chief research intelligence analyst, single target ransomware will soon be wiped out, and new ransomware will take its place. Self-propagating worms such as Code Red will become more prominent, but this time, they will have the ability to infect thousands of machines fast and without arousing the targeted user’s attention.

With more personal internet enabled devices being launched into the market, there is a need for the respective manufacturing companies to put in place inbuilt security features to protect the users.

Internet Threats Will Double

The increased awareness about cybercriminal activities will motivate organizations and corporations to come up with defense mechanisms to protect themselves from new era malware and attackers. As a result, the attackers will revise their tactics and start using software and credentials that are considered legitimate. These credentials will give them the ability to bypass firewalls, URL filters, and email scans.

Companies and Organization Spending on Security Will Increase

Security is one of the primary concerns of every business in the world today. Increased awareness about the various challenges and potential threats that businesses can face will motivate the companies’ management teams to allocate more funds to security. They will spend more money on physical security as well as data and network security.

Discussions about security will become more intense, and the discussion will encompass not only networks and data security, but also the physical security of assets, people, and buildings. There is a need to prepare well for these challenges before disaster strikes.