Types of Hackers, Explained

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The number of online threats keeps increasing everyday as hackers develop new tactics of devouring money and personal information from unsuspecting internet users. Luckily, online security companies have improved the technologies and systems that they use to develop anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Here is a brief overview of the various types of hackers that you should know.

White Hat Hackers

According to Cybrary, white hat hackers, also referred to as ethical hackers strives to help companies and organizations to secure their databases by identifying and removing viruses and other malicious programs. Most of them have academic qualifications such as degree in IT and computer science. In order to increase their employability and improve their services, they get Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) accreditation from the EC Council.

Black Hat Hackers

Black hat hackers are also commonly referred to as crackers. Unlike the white hat hackers whose main role is to assist clients secure their systems; they target companies and banks that do not have robust security systems and firewalls to steal private information such as clients’ credit card numbers and addresses.

Gray Hat

Gray Hat are different from the black and white hat hackers as the objective of their missions is to not steal information or ask for ransom from their victims. Instead, they tamper with online platforms with no solid or defined agenda. In past, gray hat hackers have managed to deface popular websites and platforms successfully thereby making it impossible for users to access the information posted on the sites.

Script Kiddies

Script Kiddies are self-made cyber criminals who do not go through the hassles of getting academic qualifications like the white hat hackers. In most cases, they will search for a specific code online, copy it on their computer, and use it as a SQLi or virus. There are also script kiddie hackers who spend time on YouTube watching videos on how to use software such as Metasploit then use that information to launch an attack. For instance, they can flood a specific IP address with information until it collapses due to the strain. Anonymous, a famous hackers group is best known for using this kind of tactics of individual targets as well as companies.

Red Hat Hackers

Bridewell Consulting notes, this kind of hackers are like the vigilantes of the digital world. Their activities are related to what white hat hackers do, but they are known to use aggressive tactics and scary mechanism to achieve their goals. For example, if they identify a hacker has being remotely accessing your database or computer, they will go after the hacker and install viruses in their computer rendering it unusable.

Secure your computer and data by making sure that your anti-virus is always up-to-date and watch how you interact with people online.Types of Hackers, Explained