Torrents Downloads: Legal vs. Illegal

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Torrents Downloads: Legal vs. Illegal

Most people know that piracy is not only illegal, but it is a violation of intellectual property rights. Today, torrent users download massive amounts of data from the internet some of which is illegal. So, what makes downloading torrent legal or unlawful?


According to maketecheasier, torrent has been linked with copyright violation, where online pirates use torrents to unlawfully download music, movies, software, video games, and much more. The supporting BitTorrent technology is not unlawful. There are numerous legal grounds to torrent, and the internet gives legal downloaders an opportunity to get movies, freeware, and other downloadable content.


So, what is legal or illegal?

This is one of the important questions that you need to ask yourself before downloading content online. If the content is copyrighted and you do not own it, then downloading it through torrent (for free) is illegal.


Legality also depends on a country’s laws and varies from case to case. According to tripwire, many countries have basic legislation that safeguard against intellectual property theft. If torrent content like music is copyrighted and does not belong to you, then you cannot download it legally. This applies to all content on torrent.


Copyright is typically registered to an organization or an individual that creates something. The copyright has a timeline attached to it which is usually similar to the lifetime of the creator and a set period of extra years. Some copyrights run for life plus fifty years, and others run for life and seventy years. It depends on particular country laws and may vary from one country to another.


In some countries some things are not be covered by the copyright laws or the laws may not be enforced at all. It of paramount importance to be vigilant of what you download as most courts may not put into consideration the fact that did not know that the content was copyrighted when pressing charges in court


Torrent is arguably one of the best peer to peer protocols globally. While some websites offer only legit content whose copyright they hold or things that are in public domain, others offer pirated content. You should consult a legal expert to know if the content you intend to download is legal in your country.


The torrent protocol is only a means of transmission allowing users to download content easily. It is the content but not the protocol that makes the act illegal.