Top documentaries to watch about privacy and data security

RapidVPN/ January 22, 2017/ Blog/

Privacy. It seems like it has received ‘The Word of the Year Award’ for more than a decade. Ever since the aftermath of 9/11 more people around the globe are being introduced to the reality of violation of privacy and importance of data security. The question is, do we truly know what’s going on?


Have you ever sat in a coffee place, looked around and witness 90 percent of the people glued to their precious laptops with a bandage over the build-in camera? Those individuals probably have seen a few documentaries about privacy (or simply like to have a spare bandage to their disposal).


Ask ten random people what their thoughts are about this topic, and you’ll receive a wide variety of comments. Some will laugh and look the other way, others will stare at you and say: “I have nothing to hide, I’m not a criminal” and a few show their rebellious teeth and gladly tell you how they try to improve their data security and protect their privacy.


The documentary Citizenfour (2014) in which Edward Snowden placed a direct target on his back, shows the actual footage of the time in which journalists reveal classified information about the NSA’s illegal surveillance techniques. Citizenfour is a documentary that has the power to open up your eyes about the capabilities of governments and the impact on societies on a massive scale.


In State of Surveillance (2016), Snowden provides additional information to VICE co-founder Shane Smith about US government surveillance on global scale. Mind-blowing information is being shared that can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and change the way you look at your beloved smartphone.


Zero Days (2016) introduces the world to the powerful Stuxnet virus, computer malware developed by the US and Israel. Initially created to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. However the question arises, what is the actual impact of that type of attack on a global scale? And who safeguards the use of such power?


These three powerful documentaries can provide meaningful insight about the (digital) world in which we are currently living. Whether we want to believe it or not, the growing focus on privacy and data security is unprecedented. It will continue to have a major effect on our lives and educating ourselves about the potential hazards should not be overlooked.