Top Bitcoin and Altcoins Debit Cards

RapidVPN/ July 22, 2017/ Blog/

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in popularity and a global phenomenon. From companies and banks are accepting them as a payment option. The most famous of the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoins though there are alternative coins that are also gaining in popularity such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, et al.

Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

Just like the traditional debit and credit cards, they are loaded with funds from various from linked digital ewallets, and you can use them where brick and mortar stores as well as ecommerce sites accept cryptocurrencies. These cards allow users to transact digital currency units and to pull cryptocurrencies from digital currencies with ease. They save you the hassle of keeping your ewallets separate from your normal debit cards.

In this guide, we explore the top bitcoin and altcoins debit cards available today.


The bitcoin debit card that works offline as well as online, and it is internationally accepted. This makes BTCexpress it simple for bitcoin clients to transact bitcoins in millions of business around the world. It extends user anonymity whenever they make transactions without a registration or a verification process. To purchase bitcoins using BTCexpress, you need to enter your email and the bitcoin address of your personal bitcoin wallet. First time users have a daily purchase limit of EUR 50 per day and the daily limit increases as you make more purchases.

Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit VISA Card

This is the oldest and most reliable Bitcoin debit card, and it has over 24,000 cards issued to date. It makes it easy for you to spend your bitcoins on millions of businesses worldwide for offline and online purchases. The Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit VISA Card come in both plastic and virtual cards and the customers do not need to complete any ID verification if they are content with lower debit card limits.

SpectroCoin Visa Debit Card

This is another of the popular bitcoins debit cards, acceptable at all ATM across the world and on online and offline shops that accept bitcoins as a form of payment. The SpectroCoin Visa Debit Card is debited instantly the minute you receive bitcoins, and it can accept different currency denominations including Great British Pound (GBP), Euros (EUR), and dollars (USD).

UQUID Altcoin Debit Card

This is one of the reloadable cards with one of the highest coin limits. It supports over 70 cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Ripple, ZCash, BCY, Augur, Ethereum, et al. It offers both the actual plastic debit card and a virtual card with 0% point of service purchases fees. UQUID Altcoin Debit Card allows card-to-card transfers with worldwide delivery. It allows for client anonymity since there is no ID check required during transactions.


If you are not transacting with cryptocurrencies, then you are missing out. With the advancement in technology, the above debit cards will be indispensable. Since 2014 cryptocurrencies to tip online content creators, pay for hotel rooms, et al. and they continue to grow in popularity.