Top 5 Secure Browsers

RapidVPN/ May 26, 2016/ Blog/

As we all use the internet for more and more of our banking, and other private data needs, security is becoming increasingly important. However, as pretty much every web browser professes its level of security, it can be hard to know which browsers are really the most secure. To help you out, we have put together a list of 5 of the top secure browsers currently available:


  1. Epic privacy browser

Epic is super streamlined, and that it how it ensures maximum privacy. Epic always deletes any cookies and trackers after every browsing session, and all searches are proxied which means that your IP address cannot be connected to any search that you performed. Epic also blocks ad’s which means that you won’t be bogged down during your online sessions.


  1. Comodo: Dragon/Ice Dragon

Chromium (Dragon) and Firefox (Ice Dragon) are two versions of a secure browsing service. Both browsers have been developed to ensure users with the highest level of security possible through adding and removing certain features. These browsers provide a domain filtering system that limits exposure to problem domains.  The browsers also come with a free anti-virus software that increases security.


  1. Dooble

Dooble is a chromium based platform browser that has some impressive privacy and safety features such as the ability to prevent dangerous programs and interfaces such as Flash from opening. Although this is good, in terms of security, it can be annoying for those wanting to access these interfaces on a regular basis. Dooble ensures that all user content is encrypted with passphrases and such like.


  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon is a new form of HTML5- compatible browser that has built in features of other browsers thanks to plug-ins. Maxthon provides the user with online protection thanks to AdBlock Plus technology, encryption of files to cloud, and limited employee access to user data.


  1. Icebrowser

Icebrowser is based on the Cocoon platform and it is a Firefox-only plug in. Icebrowser is a proxy VPN-like service that requires users to log in to its server when browsing, and to log out when finished. This makes Icebrowser good for those using computers away from home or work. Also, Icebrowser directs traffic via browsers in Iceland which means that data is logged there, far away from the eyes of NSA and such like.