Top 5 Crypto Currencies worth Investing in

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Crypto currency is a digital form of currency in which encryption techniques are used to monitor and regulate the amount of units that are generated and transferred. It is estimated that more than three million people from all across the globe use crypto currencies online every day.

Here are the top five crypto currencies that you can be invest in today and reap maximum returns in the end.

Bitcoins (BTC)

According to, Bitcoins is one of the globally accepted crypto currencies in the world. With global companies such as Tesla using them in large volumes, the value of each bitcoin is expected to increase over time. Being the first crypto currency, bitcoins have an added advantage than the new currencies.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a crypto currency that is generally based on sharing, ledger or public database. They are controlled by a consensus process that is tailored to monitor how transfers and remittances are done. Ripple has also formed partnerships with leading financial institutions such as CIBC, RBC and many more. Most of these banks use it as an interbank block chain and it is projected that more banks will start using it to transfer funds seamlessly.

Monero (XMR)

For many years now, Monero has being extensively used in the dark net marketplaces where millions if not billions of sales transactions which are conducted on a monthly basis. Its anonymity of trace and healthy value are the two main factors that motivate businesses and organizations to use it. Currently, the development team is working to form a partnership with Paybee, a payment processing gateway that will allow clients to accept and use this currency to make purchases easily.

Litecoin (LTC)

An article posted on states that Litecoin is among the oldest crypto currencies in the world and is preferred by millions of investors due to its constant value. The fact that Coinbase, Bitcoin largest wallet provider, has listed it on GDAX for trading is enough proof that this crypto currency has enough potential to generate returns. Three of the primary factors that make it one of the top rated longstanding trusted crypto currencies are the high degree of professionalism maintained by the development team, trust, and quantitative flow.

Etheremum (ETH)

Etheremum is among the few public block chain platforms that has put in place a programmable transaction facility and still operates as a crypto currency. It has being instrumental in giving other crypto currencies a professional image and has a strong foundation that motivates investors to invest in it.




The information presented above is subject to change overtime due to fluctuation in the economy and the various other factors that affect the industry. This article aims at empowering readers with information about the various crypto currencies. Therefore, we are not liable for any investment choices that you decide to make independently.