Top 5 Chrome Browser Security Plugins

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Top 5 Chrome Browser Security Plugins

Google Chrome is no doubt one of the most popular browsers in the world today. The increase in cyber-crimes calls for one to be vigilant when browsing. Cyber criminals have worked smart to come up with new ways of collecting personal information from unsuspecting Internet users as well as installing malware on their devices.

Luckily, Google Chrome team has developed some security plugins that are designed to make the browser more secure. Here is a review of the top 5 Chrome browser security plugins.


With most online communication involving sending and receiving emails, it is very easy to lose track of the companies and people that you give your personal email addresses. MaskMe plugin is designed to allow you to create a masked email or phone number whenever a website that requires you to verify information using either of the two. By doing so, you will not get spam messages if the email is shared with spammers or advertisers.


Ghostery is another new generation plugin that is engineered to block scripts that often run in the background. It does this by collecting and showing you information about all the tracking scripts and ad networks working in the background of every website that you visit. With this information at hand, you can decide to block some of the networks by using its blocking feature.


Cyber criminals use JavaScript to collect personal information. ScriptSafe is here to prevent such incidents from occurring by stopping all scripts that are maybe running on a particular web page. Note that not all sites that use JavaScript are illegitimate; you can create a whitelist of the trustworthy sites using the plugin. Note that there is a ton of sites that use JavaScript exclusively.

KB SSL Enforcer

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an added layer of protection that makes web pages more secure for the visitors and less prone to attacks. Sites that run on SSL have a URL that starts with https: not http. KB SSL Enforcer plugin keeps a list of all websites that support HTTPS and will redirect you to them automatically thereby protecting you from phishing attempts.

Ad Block Plus

As the name suggests, Ad Block Plus is programmed to enhancing your browsing experience by blocking all annoying ads such as video ads. According to an article posted on the TECH Republic, by doing so, it ensures that your personal information is not disclosed to hackers. You can also use it to block certain sections of the website such as comments.

Enhance your security browsing experience on Google Chrome by making use of these security plugins.