Top 4 technology news websites you need to read every day

RapidVPN/ December 19, 2016/ Blog/

With so many websites claiming to provide valuable information on software, gadgets, operating systems, PCs, and technology in general, it is difficult to know which sites you can trust. If you are looking for a credible voice in technology, consider these websites.

With over 50,000 active subscribers, Techcrunch highlights the business side of innovation covering major acquisitions, product launches and sources of funding. According to Qoura, one can easily read news and reviews by going to different categories of channels such as start-ups, mobile or enterprise. The site has a vast database of tech corporations and start-ups with details of each company including location, names of founders and much more. It offers great technological advice to consumers.

It has been around for almost two decades, and it has valuable content for both hobbyists and professionals. Ars Technica has a variety of news and editorials featuring security, business, consumer interests and legal content. Readers interact with one another discussing software, hardware, gaming and operating systems. The company is primarily funded through online advertising and continues to offer paid subscription since 2001.

Tom’s Hardware being around since 1996, this is the website to go to if you want assistance with your project. According to Lifehack, It has a unique section (build your own) where one can learn to build his computer. It may be difficult to part upgrades and track reviews, but the website will help you with advice on every PC part. If you are planning to build a computer particularly for gaming, this is the site you need to consult. has Bits which covers business technology. This website is a leading resource for a range of information, and that is why it has created a blog that is purely dedicated to technology. Bits gathers information from every part of the Internet, and New York Times writers weigh in on new tech conventions, gadget developments, and product launches. This long-standing publication has many active contributors, and that is why it has to make our list of the top tech websites.


Remember tech can mean different things to different people. The flood of technological information on websites is bound to continue. It is, therefore, important to have a list of sites that are regularly updated and trusted which will help you keep abreast with the continuous flow of technological news.