Top 4 Reasons Why Should You Start Using VPN

RapidVPN/ April 27, 2016/ Blog/

The world is becoming increasingly more digitalised and as a result it is becoming more and more important to ensure that we are safe when online in terms of privacy and security. Recent technological advancements are enabling us to take matters into our own hands. Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are enabling us to protect ourselves, and are also allowing us to access the online content that we should be able to.


Here are the top 4 reasons why you should start using a VPN:


  1. VPNs will protect your personal information

When out and about it is really tempting to log on to public Wi-Fi hotspots like those found in cafes, airport and public libraries. However, public Wi-Fi isn’t secure and as a result you can put yourself at the risk of attack, with hackers being able to easily gain access to your information. VPNs prevent attack because they prevent anyone from being able to see what you are doing online. VPNs can do this by encrypting your browsing data. As a result, with VPNs you can protect your personal information, even your bank account information. As a result, with a VPN you can log on to public Wi-Fi networks worry free- without the risk of someone looking at your online activity.


  1. VPNs will ensure faster downloads

Not only do VPNs ensure your safety when online, but they can also make things much faster for you in terms of download speed. When trying to download information when on a public Wi-Fi system things can become very sluggish due to the amount of online traffic that your device has to deal with. VPNs can help bypass the traffic by encrypting it, and therefore can help to improve download speeds.


  1. VPNs will secure your data transfer

When out and about, or when at home, it is important that data transfer is done safely in order to prevent interception of the content. VPNs enable you with the opportunity to share files with others safely. As a result, using a VPN will ensure right to privacy.


  1. VPNs will enable access blocked sites

If you live in a country where online content is blocked, or if you are a traveller and find yourself in remote locations where there is a large amount of restricted online content, then it may be worth considering getting a VPN because they enable access to blocked online content. VPNs are particularly good for those looking to access popular on-demand entertainment services like Netflix, because such service are blocked in some locations and as a result those who with a foreign IP address won’t be able to access the content. However, by using a VPN, you have the opportunities to change your foreign IP address to one that will enable access, and so you can use those services that may otherwise have been blocked.