Tips to secure your Cheap Tablet/Device which often comes with its own vulnerabilities

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Tips to secure your Cheap Tablet/Device which often comes with its own vulnerabilities

The increased use of mobile devices provides great convenience to users especially while on the go. However, these devices can pose a danger to your business. Used for making calls, accessing and storing sensitive data and as a point of sale device, a tablet is less expensive and portable.


Mobile devices are however increasingly being targeted by hackers and malware. This is because they are not as secure as computers because most of them lack an antivirus, firewalls, or encryption. Most people who own the devices do not put adequate security measures to guard the devices.


A virtual private network is a secure tunnel that, adds privacy and security to both public and private networks. A VPN will provide secure access to a network like the internet and Wi-Fi Hotspots and will enable you to go online covered by a secure layer that protects your sensitive information.


Use strong passwords

Passwords are essential in mobile devices. It is recommended to use a combination of numbers, letters, and/or special characters. Avoid the use of dictionary words; instead use acronyms of things known only to you. Change the password of your device frequently (one in six months).


Update your software

Ensuring your device software is up to date is the first line of defense. Every release of software update covers an existing vulnerability. As frequently as you can, check for software updates from Google or manufacturers website and download it as an update.


Download apps from reliable sources

Be careful when downloading applications. Informal app stores are more likely to be origins of malware-infected apps. Apps that prompt you to download them may also be infected and can damage or interfere with the functioning of your device.


Do not interfere with device security settings

Most Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phones are reasonably secure when they are new. There browser security settings are already correctly set, and it is advisable not to jailbreak the devices as it removes the inbuilt security and exposes it to attacks.


It is essential to treat mobile data security in the same way you handle computers and servers because hackers are continually looking for techniques to steal data. Limiting your device exposure to uninvited or unwanted access and hardening them against attacks is, therefore, crucial.


Get a VPN service to ensure full security for even cheap devices to stay safe as you browse the internet and enjoy the convenience of staying connected with your family and friends through the internet.