Three Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your VPN

RapidVPN/ May 23, 2016/ Blog/

Security is important for every business- no matter how small because cybercrime is indiscriminate, and as a result, any individual, or company can be subject to attack. As a result, we must all work hard to ensure that we secure ourselves and our personal information so that it cannot be accessed by hackers or other malevolent things when we are browsing the web.


Setting up a VPN is one way to really ensure that you and your company are safe. VPN’s are particularly important if you or any of your employees work remotely, as doing so can reduce the security of online information. VPN’s ensure that any information that is sent or received is encrypted; this ensures that it is secure, so no prying eyes can see it.


VPN’s can be built in house, or they can be outsourced. Typically, outsourcing is the best call- especially if security and reliability are of high importance. Here are three reasons why you should outsource your VPN:


  1. You lack funds

Setting up, and managing an in house VPN service is pretty tricky, and definitely not cheap. In house VPN’s need specialised software, and equipment, and the IT people in the company often require training in order to enable them to keep the in house VPN going. Some companies even have to hire in external support in order to set up the in house VPN- another cost that has to be accounted for.


  1. Your staff lack the skills

Setting up a VPN is not an easy job, and neither is maintaining it thanks to the requirement for services, troubleshooting and such like. As a result, in order to set up and run an in house VPN, IT employees often need specific skills, and experience. This skill set can be hard to come by, and can take a long time to acquire; therefore setting up an in house VPN is just not viable for many companies.


  1. You can’t afford downtime

Outsourced and managed VPN providers have everything already in place with regards to company VPN’s, and therefore they are able to prevent downtimes- really important to ensuring that businesses can keep running, and keep making money. Managed VPN providers can also act rapidly if there are any issues with the VPN so that there are no risks to security.