The battle between Android and iOS (customization)

RapidVPN/ January 29, 2017/ Blog/

Both Android and iOS are prominent mobile platforms. They also have an opportunity for improvement by embracing diverse ideas of what users prefer. Most people feel one is superior to the other. So, who is better than the other in customization?


The facts

In iOS 8, Apple built support for easy to glance widgets, but they are restricted to the Notification Center. In Android, you are continually allowed you to select your default keyboard. Apple launched an ‘outsider’ keyboard support in iOS 8, and they have set up more alternatives now, but they still cannot match Android. More than the keyboard, in Android, you can install third-party apps as default apps for all types of things which is not the case in iOS.


Most users dislike the basis that Apple thinks that they know them best and they do not. Apple controls everything on your device when a user jailbreaks his/her device, Apple will tell you that are on your own in case of a malicious app. The customization that Android supports with third party launchers is exciting. According to life hacker, making your phone behave and look like nobody else’s and changing the way you interact with your phone is what Android has mastered to do.


Android has established itself as open source software for a variety of mobile devices and Google’s open source project. According to tabtimes, the platform offers the source code needed to build custom variants of the Android stack, accessories and port devices to the platform to support your compatibility needs. Although this has also led to problems, the Android Open Source Project means a free and open OS that can be modified by anyone.


In most cases, people buying a new iOS device already have an older version of the device, not because they follow blindly, but they are comfortable with the kind of device they have and just need a different size or new version of the same. For an Android user, it is about the specifications of the device.



According to digital trends, there are plenty of different elements to customizability. iOS has limited options. It is unequivocally clear that Android is the king here. Immediately after purchasing your device, you can customize your Android adventure in various ways, you can install other launchers that will alter the appearance of your user interface, and you can create your lock screen and different home screens with backgrounds, shortcuts, and resizable widgets.