Software updates and patches and their importance

RapidVPN/ April 26, 2019/ Blog/

It seems that when people get an alert that it’s time to update operating systems and computer software – it always happens at inopportune times. Putting downloading off until the next day, sometimes even next week or month – because of some other more important things in their life that need to be finished right then, and that is when the trouble begins.

As much as it may seem tempting to delay downloading of the software updates if somebody does it so, it leaves him open to immense security risks and furthermore means that the person’s device will be out of improved functionality. The importance of this is not only crucial for the everyday person, if somebody is a business owner it’s even more important to do it in real time.

Considering the fact that hackers and cybercriminals are those days more active than ever – there are quite a few reasons for downloading the latest software updates and patches, immediately. If a person continues to use the same old software it will keep all the same bugs and holes in the code – and those are exactly the places that allow cybercriminals to get up to good. It is a fact that as quickly as software providers find ways to fix those holes in the software, hackers will find new ones. It is indeed a never-ending game. Companies continue to pursue maximal protection of their consumers, but hackers continue attacking in full force. Then, why would a person put his computer at risk when it’s simple as clicking a few times and downloading the latest and probably greatest software for your device? If you are still not convinced, let me add you a few more things to this list.

Just consider how almost everything is stored on your devices in this day and this age. Certain malware may destroy all your documents with a simple click or what is worse – transmit them from your computer to some other server. We have heard quite a number of times of severity of those attacks. Peoples’ most personal and confidential information was stolen and then released onto the web or misused. There were even hacker attacks when a certain malware held hostage documents of a hundred of people in some company until they received a payment. Then again – with the updated software those things are quite impossible to happen.

Software updates are extremely important defense against theft of personal information because they include a number of important patches to dangerous security vulnerabilities. A patch is a set of changes to a computer program or its data which is designed to update, fix or to improve it. It is true that patches do not always work the best and can produce a number of problems, so this is why it is important to test our systems before and after patching. A lot of professionals claim that patching is the most important measure in removing software vulnerabilities.

There is one more thing that may sound shocking but it pure truth – hackers have the ability to turn off a person’s antivirus program remotely. In this way, somebody may face an inside attack without even knowing it and hackers will not only have easy access to the computer but the complete ability to roam freely.

The days when you could pass the email virus unknowingly are almost forgotten, but viruses have found a new way of spreading, via private networks, USBs, removable hard drives. If you, however, install the latest update of the software – your antivirus program will allow you to get alerts in the real time, whenever you receive any kind of dangerous file.

Last but not least reason for installing the latest software update is to improve the functionality of all kind of apps. It is a known fact that developers are looking quite constantly to add new and interesting features to an app from the moment it is released. The improved features make the whole experience of using an app more enjoyable and much better. Furthermore, you need not to update manually your apps – just select the automatic updates and your experience of using various apps with being on the highest level.

It is indeed easy to skip over software updates. Whenever a dialog bug pops up – you keep on delaying it – because you are busy with something else. However, with all the reasons listed above, you could spare yourself the trouble and worry if something bad happens. Furthermore, software updates are vital to protect your computer and above all, to keep it running at its best. A few moments now and then could save a person a great amount of trouble and distress. Maintaining the health of a person’s device is the crucial thing and it’s actually quite simple – just as pressing a button. Next time your pop-up notification is blinking at you, don’t delay, press it immediately!