Security Tools To Have On Your Windows In 2018

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There are many areas that users of MS Windows might want to troubleshoot. These areas include security concerns, networking, even critical performance analysis. Security concerns are on the rise, and are of particular interest to software developers. Many of these security troubleshooting tools are either very cheap or open source.


The Need For An Antivirus

Malware and ransomware have now become very prevalent on the internet. Even big corporations like the NHS have not been left out of taking a big hit. Even native security apps seem to do little in combating the menace of hacker activity through malicious programs (Mike & Matt, 2018). While these are dreadful, breaching program vulnerability is only just one reason why you need to safeguard your PC. There’s also the threat of having personal information stolen to grapple with.

Reports have it that giants like Firefox, Microsoft and Google have decided to take the first line of defense in support of their clients’ security by issuing security patches for their browsers (Tom, 2018).

Installing an antivirus is the only way to protect you PC against malicious intent.


Top Antivirus software for Windows in 2018

The security software listed here entail the best that cybersecurity has to offer for PC users in the year 2018, taking into consideration the brand new and still evolving threats which users face.

Ø  Bitdefender Total Security 2018

This package has become a very popular and highly respected item as regards PC security. This is because its double layer technology and access to upgrades provides features that protect its users from current and emerging security threats, including protection against attempts to make changes to user-guarded folders and snoopers.

Ø  Norton Antivirus Basic 2018

The giant Norton is owned by Symantec. Norton examines the behavior of running software on your PC, and this is how it detects malware. It has an integrated password manager which allow you to log on with a simple click while securing your identity. Even browser vulnerability is taken seriously with this suite.

Ø  TotalAV Essential Antivirus 2018

Your PC can absolutely rely on this program for all-round protection. It boasts an impressive set of features which include an ad blocker, a powerful VPN, a password vault and an ID protection scheme to go along with its antivirus functions. TotalAV provides complete protection against viruses, ransomware and malware.

Ø  Kaspersky Antivirus 2018

Valid even for the current and ever-evolving PC security challenges, this suite is one of the most supreme Antivirus suites in the history or cybersecurity. Kaspersky technology focuses on monitoring to track and detect as well as reverse and block malicious activity, and web filtering to block dangerous or suspicious URL.

Ø  Panda Antivirus Pro 2018

This one works with a two-way firewall that blocks even previously undiscovered malware while offering keylogger protection that provides a virtual keyboard with which to enter confidential information. It has a straightforward simple interface that resembles the Windows 10 ensemble.