Protect Yourself, Online music, Streaming vs. Downloading

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Protect Yourself, Online music, Streaming vs. Downloading

The internet is one of the best platforms that you can use to access music audio and video files. With a reliable internet connection, you have the option to stream or download a file directly to your computer. Currently, there are hundreds of platforms that allow users to download or stream the music from anywhere in the world using internet-enabled devices.

However, it is important to protect yourself as you do so, as cybercriminals have come up with new ways of hacking into unsuspecting users’ computers and installing malware and spyware. Here are three golden tips on how to stay safe.

Have an Effective and Updated Antivirus

According to Get Safe Online Org, having an active and fully updated antivirus will help ensure that personal information stored on the device you are using to stream or download the music files is not accessed remotely by hackers. More importantly, the security software will block any malware and other malicious programs from discreetly being installed on your device without your consent.

Download or Stream Music from Reputed Sites

Well, some websites do not charge registered members to stream and download music files, but a large percentage of them are used to spread viruses and steal private information from computers and mobile devices. Based on this fact, it is recommended to ensure that you only download the files from accredited and paid sites such as Napster and iTunes. If you are not sure about a particular site, carry out a thorough background research before you can start downloading files. Avoid sites that have a negative reputation to avert regrets down the road.

Be Vigilant

Cybercriminals often rename their malicious programs to lure the targeted audience to download the files. A file that appears to contain your favorite musician’s album or songs could, in fact, be a virus-infected file that will compromise your privacy and security.

Finally, it is important to note that there is a difference between streaming and download. According to Tech Essentials, streaming does not download the file to your device’s hard drive. Instead, you will access the content directly from the website. On the other hand, when you download a music file, it is stored on the hard drive, and you can access it when offline and even share it with friends. Nonetheless, you should stay safe when streaming or downloading music files online by adhering to the above proven tips.