Europe’s top court ruled against social plug-ins; here’s why

RapidVPN/ September 5, 2019/ Blog/

When you surf across the internet, the Facebook Like button in nearly unavoidable. If you visit any website you are highly likely to see the Facebook Like button which encourages you to share the “like” with your Facebook friends and family. However, after a sequence of events, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which is the top court in Europe,

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Media IT Networks, the next security risk

RapidVPN/ August 29, 2019/ Blog/

Journalists’ organizations don’t have the infrastructure to prevent top-secret information leaked to them from being scooped up by foreign state actors. That’s quite worrying, says the Australian Federal Police (AFP). According to the AFP’s Deputy Commissioner Operations, Neil Gaughan, they’re aware of top secret (TS) information that probably sits within a couple of media organizations. “The ability of their IT

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DanaBot malware keeps evolving

RapidVPN/ August 23, 2019/ Blog/

Early variants of DanaBot were first reported in 2018 when it was considered a novel banking trojan that was used in phishing campaigns targeting customers in Australia and Canada – it included web injections and stealer functions. It is confirmed that recent DanaBot campaigns have moved to Europe and they are now dropping executable files containing ransomware written in the

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Sextortion cases are on the rise!

RapidVPN/ August 17, 2019/ Blog/

Nowadays, as the kids from all over the world are connected to the internet, the possibility of them being used or threatened in a way is high. Sextortion, sexual exploitation, in which by abusing the power and coercing and threatening someone by releasing sexual images or information about them is on the rise. The majority of the extortion complaints during

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“The Persistence of Chaos”- the most dangerous art piece

RapidVPN/ August 8, 2019/ Blog/

When speaking of some of the world’s greatest artworks we usually mention their complex history, but speaking of being dangerous to those who own them – not many of them would make it on such a list. The artwork titled “The Persistence of Chaos” might be an exception. It was created by Chinese internet artist Guo O Dong. This is

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Facebook’s “10 years challenge”, harmless fun or data mining?

RapidVPN/ August 1, 2019/ Blog/

At the beginning of the year, a new fascinating “challenge” spread among the users of social networks, especially Facebook. It all started with a simple question – how much a person has changed over a decade? People soon became intrigued, and a trend followed up – it is noted that over 5 million pictures were uploaded on not only Facebook

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The FaceApp Saga

RapidVPN/ July 25, 2019/ Blog/

FaceApp is the latest viral trend that has everyone doing. The popular free mobile app that instantly alters the appearance of a persons face — adding wrinkles, sun damage, and grey hair — has blown up on social media, shared by hundreds including a long list of celebrities. More than 100 million people have downloaded the app from Google Play.

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A city in Florida, Riviera Beach, paid a $600, 000 worth of bitcoin to hackers

RapidVPN/ July 17, 2019/ Blog/

In May of this year, hackers took over the systems of Riviera Beach, when a police department employee unknowingly opened a malicious email that allowed the hackers to inject the whole city’s network with malware. For three weeks, the city had its computer systems held hostage. After a prolonged debate, the council of the city voted unanimously to pay the

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Software vulnerabilities – they do it on purpose

RapidVPN/ July 4, 2019/ Blog/

The software is made by people, and since people are not perfect so software is not either. At least we believe that. We also believe that security experts are constantly looking for errors and that they inform developers about discovered flaws so they can patch the software. But have you ever wondered if they are deliberately making the software imperfect

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Modular Malware: The new way of stealing your data

RapidVPN/ June 27, 2019/ Blog/

Malware – malicious software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. We all heard of it. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We know them as viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, botnets. Over the years, malware evolved and became so sophisticated that some of them use different modules to alter how

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