Learn How people are making money by selling your Personal Information

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In today’s Post we are going to talk about a very trending Commodity. That is information. We will learn how your information is stolen from you and how people are making money from that Data. Then we will show you the dangers of Information being stolen. And finally we will discuss how you can protect yourself from eavesdroppers using Private VPN Service.

So let’s get started!
Few years ago gold was the most valuable commodity. Commodity is defined “a way of investing money which will yield more money in near or long future.” Gold is valuable still today but not as much. Then came Oil, Platinum & Diamond. And the latest commodity of value was bitcoin.
But change is the rule of society, as the trends changed Gold, Oil, Platinum, Diamond & even Bitcoin are being old and replaced by a new Trend, INFORMATION.

Nowadays knowledge and Information is power. One who has information can earn a lot of money. Why? How? It is very simple indeed. Let’s have a look.
First people steal your information or personal details such as phone number, Email address, and Social security numbers. All these is done via different mediums such as Viruses, Key loggers, Trojans & Most commonly via packet hijacking. In other words a Thief can steal your information via public networks such as Coffee Wi-Fi & Airport Wi-Fi.
User does not even realize it & thief steals the data easily. This all can be prevented by use Of Private VPN Service, which we will discuss later in this article.

So after a thief steals your information he then sells it to larger thieves. Then from there your information is stored in a database. Many of the advertising companies & Research companies pay a huge amount of money to get this data & use it for advertising purposes based on your information & Private conversations. Companies such as Google & Facebook have also been involved in this kind of activity.
Other than that the thief may sell your information to Scammer which will use your information to financially damage you and other people. Sometimes Government pays Internet Providers such as Comcast to steal your information.

There are many dangers of this stolen data. You can be harassed by random people or it can leave you financially broken. In extreme cases, putting you in prison for years.

How to protect yourself?
There is one and only simple solution to this problem, Private VPN Services. If you do not want to become a victim of identity theft you should start using Private VPN Service Now. Because a Private VPN Service encrypts all your information, you are safe on both home and public Wi-Fi network. No one can steal your data. Contact RapidVPN.com now to learn more about identity theft.

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