Internet Censorship – Part 4: (outlook, how it can look like)

RapidVPN/ February 8, 2019/ Blog/

In Part 3 of this series, various methods that can be used to beat internet censorship were considered, and users can gain access to the internet. In this part, the outlook of internet censorship despite will be examined.


Internet censorship is a battle that is gradually losing its ground. While the government uses a plethora of technologies to prevent the citizenry from gaining access to some websites, people have found diverse ways to beat the restrictions.


Placing severe restrictions on access to the internet is viewed by the global community as an encroachment on the freedom of people, although access to some websites can be regulated. Irrespective of the technology used by the government and other regulatory bodies, people have found different ways to access their favorite sites without much hassles.


Internet censorship is a fierce battle in countries like China, North Korea, Pakistan, etc. Regardless, people still access their favorite websites to through VPNs, proxies, tunnel, and DNS. Irrespective of how much efforts user to get people to submit and live in the dark, surrendering their rights to information, they still find ways to stay abreast of new ways to surf the internet.


Internet censorship cannot hold its ground in the nearest future as countries like Turkey and Pakistan have failed in their efforts such as partial and complete blocking websites, throttling access speeds, and manipulation of content. Activists and researchers are seriously fighting back against it and are making the government reconsider their censorship actions.


In China, the government clamped down on VPN and ensured that people do not get access to the internet. However, people are subtly gaining access and asked to keep the method being used the secret to avoid having it blocked again by the government.


Soon, most governments will have realized the futility of internet censorship because the higher percentage of the population will have found diverse ways to circumvent and bypass all forms of filtering or blocking and be able to access the internet and the kind of information they want.


Internet censorship is a denial of a right, which citizens will continue to fight by developing and disseminating tools such as VPNs and proxies to bypass. Having universally accessible internet is the dream of millions of people in the countries where their government tightens up the internet. Before the whole world stands up and condemns censorship, people would continue to access the internet and share the methods with trusted friends and family members.