How to Deal With Spam Emails in 2018

RapidVPN/ November 17, 2018/ Blog/

Nothing is as annoying as starting your day with a glut of spam emails in front of you. Starting from advertisements to promo messages and chain letters, you would feel distracted with spam and scam emails flooding your inbox. And resorting to deleting them is an endless battle you cannot win without a proactive method. However, you do not have to worry; here are ways to deal with spam emails in 2018.

  1. Customize Your Spam Filter

Most email clients have inbuilt spam detection bots, called filters, to red-flag emails that seem fraudulent, unsolicited, and worthless by sending them to a different folder for you to review later. Meanwhile, these filters can perform better and prevent spam emails from getting into your inbox when you customize them by letting the client know when it made a mistake or chose spam emails correctly.

In your Gmail app, click the ‘Report Spam’ button that looks like an exclamation mark when you open a spam email that managed to escape the spam filters into your inbox.  And click ‘Not Spam’ for emails that are wrongfully sent into the Spam folder.

In the Outlook, to report an email as spam, right-click the message and choose ‘Junk’ and then ‘Block Sender’ from the menu that pops up. Check and customize the settings of the spam filters by clicking the Ribbon menu, then click ‘Junk’ and select ‘Junk E-mail Options.


  1. Always Unsubscribe

The bulk of the emails that become spam messages have been previously subscribed to. To reduce the trouble of deleting or having your inbox full unnecessarily, look for the unsubscribe links to cancel your subscription to such emails and also remove your email address from their email list. The unsubscribe links are usually at the bottom of the email.

Another way is to use a third-party service called ‘ The add-on is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and iCloud. It scours your inbox for emails sent from mailing lists and gives you an option to unsubscribe in one click.


  1. Use Alternative Email Addresses

To avoid having your inbox filled with spam emails, it is advisable that you create a secondary email for use when subscribing to a mailing list, sign up to marketing updates, online shopping, hotel booking, and for other online activities. Use your primary email for only official and important activities.

Although another email will not stop spam from getting to your inbox, your primary email address will be from clutter.


  1. Protect Your Primary Email Addresses

Another way you can deal with spam emails is by keeping your main email away from public pages such as Facebook, Twitter, several websites, etc. where scammers and bots can collect it.