How do the hackers hide their IP address while hacking?

RapidVPN/ April 30, 2016/ Blog/

If it wasn’t already scary enough that the number of hackers is increasing daily, it is now becoming easier for hackers to hide their IP address whilst committing the crime. Hackers use lots of layers of security to ensure that their activities remain anonymous, however here are 4 of the most common ways that hackers are managing to remain anonymous. By knowing these tricks it may help you to keep yourself safe, and to prevent your computer, or other electronic device from being hacked:


  1. They don’t use the Windows operating system

Windows (as in the operating system) has a number of holes that can allow hackers spyware to infest your devices despite Microsoft’s best attempts to do monthly security patch ups.  However, because of how easy it is to access Windows, it is also easy to find out the information of the hackers. As a result, hackers always aim to avoid Windows and instead opt for other operating systems such as Whonix which are security hardened- making it far more difficult to identify the hackers.


  1. They don’t connect directly to the Internet

VPNs enable internet users to remain private by creating an encrypted private tunnel. Hackers who use VPNs can therefore become pretty much anonymous online as their activity can only be tracked down to the address of the VPN server, which could be a server located anywhere.


  1. They don’t use a real email address

Hackers will not use their real email address but instead will use anonymous email services so that they can email out without being traced back. By combining anonymous email services with VPN access, it is seriously difficult to find out who sent the hacked email. Some other hackers will use remailers which allow hackers to send emails out from a real account, but the service then forwards it on anonymously. Some hackers may even chain together a number of re-mailing services for serious anonymity.


  1. They don’t use Google

Google is serious about keeping their users safe and also to boost advertisement opportunities. As a result, Google tracks everything that users do. This helps them to ensure that the most relevant adverts are sent out. For hackers this can be annoying as their history can be stored. However, there are online services that enable hackers to use Google without their IP addresses, and search records to be stored- ensuring that they stay anonymous.