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RapidVPN/ December 4, 2015/ Blog/

Internet has changed a lot since its invention. Internet was originally made as a medium of freedom! Freedom of connecting with people worldwide. Freedom of sharing files and documents without worrying about distances. Freedom of accessing knowledge.

But a lot has changed since its invention. Nowadays everyone is aware of Restrictions made by different countries and different ISP.  Geo blocked websites, DNS Pollution, IP Restriction, Blockage of specific website, Government spying on people, only allow access from VPN Software, Package filtering are just some of them.
The basic Idea of internet has died because of this. The original idea was Freedom!

Without restriction of age or location people were able to access information, but now it is just a dream.

But below I will show you one way to GET THAT FREEDOM Back!

The simple answer to all these restrictions and blockage is to use a VPN software. By Downloading VPN Software you can not only bypass these restriction but also improve your surfing speed and downloading speed, because many of the VPN Software use a technology called caching Data.
By downloading a VPN software you can access any websites and enjoy full freedom.

There are many companies around the web which provide download of such VPN Software. But some of them restrict you in some ways. No one likes restrictions right? To achieve the ultimate freedom you must use RapidVPN VPN Service.

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