Five Ways to Halt Online Tracking

RapidVPN/ May 28, 2016/ Blog/


If you are not aware of what you are doing when you are online it is almost inevitable that you will get tracked, and the searches that you perform will be stored up by search engines and websites. If you want to keep your privacy, and halt online tracking then read on to find out about 5 ways that you can do just that, and all of them take less than 10 minutes to do!


  1. Surf the web using search engines that won’t track you

Traditional search engines like Google and Bing track users and build profiles which they can then use to inform advertisers. However, there are search engines out there that have been specifically designed to limit tracking and thus ensure your privacy. Startpage and DuckDuckGo are just two examples of search engines that do not track their user’s when online.


  1. Read the agreements for apps

When you download apps onto your phone or desktop it can be tempting to skim over the terms and conditions. However, if you want to halt online tracking then it is really important that you take the time to read over the agreements. Not only will it allow you to know what information the app will have once you download it, but you will also know where you stand should you find that any of your personal information has been leaked.


  1. Adjust your privacy settings on social media sites

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are great for connecting with others, and for advertising. However, they are also great ways for companies to track you. In order to reduce the amount you are tracked when online, adjust the privacy settings on social media sites. You can decide who sees your posts, tweets and images all by adjusting the settings- pick what you want people to see, and what you want to keep private.


  1. Regularly clear cookies on your computer

You are able to disallow third parties from setting cookies, and you can also set your cookies to expire when you exit your browser- both of these things will ensure that you will not get any unwanted tracking cookies. You should also ensure that you regularly clear any cookies that have managed to be set on your computer.


  1. Get a VPN

A super easy way to increase your online privacy is by getting a VPN. VPN’s hide your IP address and therefore will keep your searches, and online history private. Getting a VPN takes minutes, and will ensure that online tracking is halted.