Do you need to setup a VPN service for Xbox gaming?

RapidVPN/ April 23, 2016/ Blog/

If you are an avid Xbox gamer, and want to stay safe whilst having fun and chatting to other gamers online, then perhaps it is time to consider setting up a VPN service. Read on to find out why.


DDoS Attacks

Millions of Xbox gamers not only rely on the internet to share ideas, and learn more about particular services available, but also to chat to and connect with other gamers. However, the internet is vulnerable to deliberate attack from hackers which can prevent gamers from accessing the information available online. One way of taking a site or service offline is by overloading it with unwanted traffic, usually from multiple sources e.g. from multiple computers. This is called a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


When an attacker plans a DDoS attack they will usually first build a network of infected machines called a botnet, which act like an army. The machines can then spread malicious software through emails, websites and social media. Worryingly for gamers, gaming chat rooms and channels are the targets of many DDoS attacks. When gamers are online with no protection it is pretty much an invite for would be DDoS attackers so, there is a need to ensure that gamers are safe. One way of ensuring safety is by gaming in conjunction with a VPN service.


VPN Service

As a result of the risk of DDoS attack, there are an increasing number of people using a VPN service with their online gaming console in order to ensure their safety whilst gaming, and connecting with other users online. VPN services offer gamers with a unique IP address which can prevent the gamer’s true IP address from being targeted by a DDoS attack thus keeping the gamer safe from attack. As a gamer you can either share a VPN connection between your games console and your computer. Alternatively, you can install a unique VPN service directly on your router which will ensure that all internet users who connect through your router will stay safe whilst online.


To conclude, if you are a serious Xbox gamer and want to play and connect with others online then a personal VPN is an absolute must. Not only will a VPN service protect you from DDoS attacks, but it will also ensure that your internet works at the highest speed possible to prevent lags, and disconnects which will ensure that you get a fantastic gaming experience on your Xbox.