Cybercrime – Part 3: Crime Against Individual

RapidVPN/ February 2, 2018/ Blog/

Overall use of online sites for banking, emailing, socializing, or even just gaming is growing all the time and unfortunately so is internet cybercrime, especially against individuals! Like any other type of crime the typical online user doesn’t think they’re at risk until it’s too late.

Internet security risks seem to be growing faster that anyone would have imagined. If you pay attention, you will hear about new internet threats that put the typical online user at risk.

Although some uses of the internet such as visiting ‘questionable’ site may put you more at risk, it seems that many threats target even the most innocent online tasks.

A common internet use for even the most technologically impaired is email. Unfortunately however this has become a favorite target for many internet threats. By simply opening the wrong email or clicking on the wrong link, you can easily compromise both the security and functioning of your computer.

The question now is: Since individuals are ultimate targets for cybercriminals, what measures can we take to protect ourselves from the rising risks that threaten our safe existence online?

Individual Cybercrime: How to Be Safe From It

Here are 5 simple internet security tips that should help protect you from the growing threats we face when using our computers:

  • Backup Important Data

Whether it is prevention against computer hackers or just an old computer that dies you should have all important files backed up. People use their computers to store all kinds of files from work documents to family pictures.

Getting in the habit of regularly backing up these files is the first step towards securing your computer contents from unplanned catastrophe.

  • Buy Internet Security

Nowadays just about every new computer comes equipped with some sort of online security software program. I liken this to the airbags you find in cars. If for whatever reason your system does not have this type of software to protect you online, then by all means buy internet security for your computer.

It is highly unlikely that even over the period of just one week you wouldn’t find your computer being invaded by some type of virus. A correctly operating computer and peace of mind will be your immediate reward for making this purchase! By all means do it today!

  • Social Network – Easy Does It!

Social network sites are all the rage today and don’t shows any signs of losing their popularity. A requirement to participate at most social networking sites however includes you inputting your personal information for others to see.

Most each and every one of these sites does allow you a certain degree of control over the security settings on the site. Use these controls and AVOID putting in any personal information you don’t absolutely have to volunteer.

  • Navigate Email Cautiously

Your email is often times a primary target for computer hackers looking to steal personal information, financial data, or security codes. Phishers plant links in your email that if you click on them could open up a ‘Pandora’s box’ of trouble for you.

The simple rule of thumb here is DO NOT open any links in emails from people you aren’t familiar with. Also DO NOT visit any financial sites you may be involved with by using a link that was emailed to you. If you need to access these sites, go to the official site by typing the address into your menu bar.


  • Update Your Software


With new viruses and other threats materializing frequently online you’ll need to keep your software updated. You can either updated it manually or go into the software control panel to set a schedule for automatic updates.


Either way you’ll want the most current protection available to combat the ever present internet security risks that threaten your online activity

Cybercrime against individuals is here to stay therefore it is up to you to protect yourself against these increasing attacks on your computer.