Best Security and Privacy Plugins of 2018: Part 2

RapidVPN/ August 18, 2018/ Blog/

Continuing from the Best Security and Privacy Plugins of 2018: Part 1, here are more plugins and browsers’ extensions that provide security and protection for users’ privacy when browsing the internet.

  1. Privacy Badger by EFF Technologists

Privacy Badger offers protection from invisible trackers when users’ browse the internet. The plugin stealthily studies websites that seem to be tracking you and browsing activities and sends Do Not Track with the users’ browsing details and forcefully blocks the trackers if they ignore the users’ wishes not to be tracked. The plugin only needs to see the same tracker on three different websites to block it outright. The extension is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox and has access to users’ data for all websites, browser tabs, and browser activities during navigation. It also reads and modifies the privacy setting once installed to a browser.


  1. Decentraleyes by Thomas Rientjes

Decentraleyes offers protection from content delivery related trackers. It is a content blocker that checks and stops a series of requests from getting to free content delivery like Google Hosted Libraries. The plugin removes the middleman and enhances online privacy from being tracked or monitored. It provides additional protection by complementing the regular blockers. The plugin accesses users’ data and browser tabs and reads and modifies privacy settings. The extension works with Chrome and Firefox.


  1. Blur by Abine, Inc.

Blur is one of the best security and privacy plugins that provide protections for users’ passwords, payment details, and privacy. It keeps users’ information and activities from the prying eyes of the cyber attackers and threats. Although password manager offers to save users’ passwords, Blur offers an additional layer of security by creating encrypted and strong passwords to users. Blur also blocks trackers from collecting and monitoring your browsing activities and history including your payment details. It also stores and organizes all passwords which are accessible by a single master password; so, users do not have to memorize several passwords but only one to access the password storage. In addition, Blur keeps users’ payment details secured with AES-256 encryption. The extension is available on Chrome and Firefox.


  1. Adguard AdBlocker by Adguard Software Ltd

Adguard AdBlocker protects from annoying pop-ups and ads. It blocks types of advertising on the web pages users are browsing including YouTube and Facebook. It blocks all third-party tracking systems, malware, spyware, adware, and phishing. This plugin provides 100 percent protection from all forms of tracking from the internet. It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. It protects users against Trojan Horses, viruses, worms, and blocks access to dangerous websites.