Best Security and Privacy Plugins of 2018: Part 1

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Best Security and Privacy Plugins of 2018

Staying safe when surfing the internet has become more affordable and efficient with several free extensions or plugins that promise to ensure users’ security and privacy when browsing online. A quick look at the Chrome Web Store or Add-ons for Firefox will show scores of good, free plugins or extensions. Although the plugins are different from one another, they offer protection to users when surfing the internet. Some of these extensions focus on blocking scripts and ads while other encrypt the users’ information while browsing the internet.
To ensure your protection concerning the available free plugins, you need to read the features of the plugins and determine if the browser extensions provide enough protection that you need, or they are worth paying for. To assist you with choosing the right plugins that can enhance your protection when browsing, we have put together the best security and privacy plugins of 2018.
1. Disconnect by
This is one of the best security and privacy plugins that help to envisage and block websites that are secretly tracking your browsing history. It is no news that some websites drop cookies on users’ browsers to monitor their browsing activities for marketing, targeting, and other purposes. This plugin stops several third-party websites from tracking you. It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox for users’ enhanced experience. The plugin accesses users’ browsing history, browser tabs, and browser activity during navigation for possible tracking by third-party websites.

2. Ghostery by Ghostery
Ghostery is a privacy ad blocker that protects users’ privacy and blocks advertisements from a webpage to allow users to focus on the main content they want. Also, the plugin reveals and blocks trackers on the websites that users surf to prevent the collection of the users’ private data and also prevents users from being tracked by anonymizing the users’ data. Ghostery is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox. The plugin enhances browsing experience by speeding up page loads by blocking trackers. The plugin accesses users’ browser tabs and browser activities during navigation to provide adequate protection.

3. HTTPS Everywhere by EFF Technologists
HTTPS Everywhere offers protection for users’ communications by encrypting the users’ browsing data and activities automatically. It enables HTTPS on sites that support it regardless of not putting https prefix before the website’s URL. When visiting sites that do not support HTTPS, this plugin rewrites all requests to such websites to HTTPS. The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.