7 Free Tools To Scan Your Websites For Vulnerabilities

RapidVPN/ October 1, 2018/ Blog/

One of the most crucial concerns of webmasters is web security from several website infections that evolve daily and attacks that threaten website security every time. Having access to premium tools to scan sites for vulnerabilities can be very costly. However, there are free, efficient tools you can use to scan your website. Here are some of the free tools available for your use.

  1. Sucuri

This is one of the most popular plugins commonly used to scan a website for malware remotely. Sucuri is free and can also be used to scan sites made with WordPress. As a trusted online tool, Sucuri is capable of checking and monitoring a website for known and unknown risks such as malicious scripts, backdated software, malware, and spam.

  1. Tinfoil Security

This tool performs a complete website audit on your site to discover possible risks and ascertain other security lapses on your website. Tinfoil Security will provide you with an analytical report and actionable steps to rectify the highlighted vulnerabilities, after which you can re-scan your site having resolved the risks.

  1. SiteGuarding

SiteGuarding scans a website for malware, website blacklisting, and defacement. It is compatible with a wide range of websites including WordPress and Drupal. In addition to scanning for threats and risks, it can also remove malware from your site and fix all types of threats found, instead of only notifying you of vulnerabilities. Besides, it also offers website antivirus and firewall services to protect your website ahead of possible future risks.

  1. Web Inspector

This free scanning tool scans and identifies any malware attacks already threatening your website and provides a detailed report of the scan showing different aspects such as Trojans, backdoors, malware, and blacklist. If your site has issues that can make it blacklisted, Web Inspector will forewarn you before your site gets blacklisted.

  1. Quttera

You can scan your website with this free scanning tool to discover and remove malware. Quttera scans and alerts you of any suspicious or any suspicious files. Also, it offers safe browsing on popular websites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and keeps track of possible threats.

  1. Detectify

Detectify provides more than 100 automated security tests for malware, OWASP Top 10, and other vulnerabilities. The report of the scanning reveals the discovered threats and highlights what must be done to rectify the development.

  1. ScanMyServer

ScanMyServer provides in-depth security test to detect possible vulnerabilities and threats. It gives a comprehensive report after the test.