5 Things you need to Know about Adware

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5 Things you need to Know about Adware

In the current highly digitalized world, online marketers are always coming up with new ways of selling their products to the target audience. One of the latest tricks is using adware – software which if installed in a computer starts to show ads randomly whenever you are online. As mentioned on PCTools, an adware can be classified as a spyware if it infringes on your privacy and steals your personal information.

Today, we look at five things that you should know about adware.

Are Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

We all love free stuff and marketers are aware of this fact and use it to market their products to us in return for using the free software. Most of the free software has hidden adware that will consistently bombard you with ads. They also allow third parties to get your browsing history to know which specific ads to display. Some can not only get your browsing history but also net your passwords, credit card number, passwords and much more.

It’s Possible to download it Without Knowing

It only takes one click to install an adware on your computer. When purchasing software, make sure that you read the small print in the terms and condition policy to be sure that no other third party software will be installed as well. Some sites will not tell you that they will install the adware, so make sure that you get software from reputable sites.

Can Compromise Functionalism of a Computer

Adware not only bombard you with irrelevant ads but also slow down your computer. It can also interfere with your internet speed and other basic functions thereby making it impossible for you to work on your computer efficiently and stress-free.

Macs are Not Immune to Adware

In the past, most people though that Macs were immune to adware and other malicious software. According to How to Geek advanced adware can actually be installed on Mac with or without the consent of the owner.

It’s Easy to Get Rid of Adware

Adware is one of the easiest malicious software to get rid of as compared to spyware and other types of viruses. An article posted on Tech Support All recommends checking the list of installed software in the control panel and uninstall anything that you don’t remember installing or looks suspicious as most adware is bundled with normal software that we presume are safe. Strong antimalware can also help you identify and get rid of the adware without breaking a sweat.

Moral of the story is that you need to be extra careful about the software that you install on your computer as well as the links you click on while browsing the internet.