5 Reasons why you should choose Secure VPN USA

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So everyone reading this post is aware of why you should use a VPN to secure yourself. If not read our older posts.  You can find them at here http://Blog.rapidVPN.com In short VPN will provide you security, anonymity, privacy & Faster Internet surfing.

Is your VPN really secure?

This is the real question you should be asking to yourself. There are many VPN Providers, but not all of them are created equal. Some VPN providers just run after the money and do not even provide you proper VPN services.

RapidVPN Fact: “Some of the VPN Providers just provide proxy connections & Call them self VPN Providers.”
You can check our post on differences between proxy & VPN Here.


Normal VPN vs Secure VPN:

Normal VPN would be a fake or pseudo VPN, They do not provide all the benefits of using a secure VPN. A secure VPN is a true VPN & provides all the benefits such as Privacy, Security & anonymity.

Top5 Reasons To use Secure VPN USA:

No geo blocking: Using Secure VPN USA means that you do not have to face any of the Geoblocked Websites. Since most of the websites work inside USA, by using Secure VPN USA you can have experience as if you are using internet within the USA. We guarantee that Netflix & Other sites will work with our Secure VPN USA.

Fastest Internet: With google advancing Internet speeds throughout the USA. Having a Secure VPN USA means fastest internet you can ever experience. RapidVPN’s Web caching Technology will increase your browsing speeds up to 150%

Anonymity: Anything you do online can be tracked, even if you are using a VPN. Most of the VPN Companies are forced to reveal information to Government. But not when you are using Secure VPN USA, because the Data captured by our servers is encrypted by most secure algorithm. So No one can see your browsing data at any cost!

Privacy & Security: As mentioned earlier our technology provides Best secure connection between client and Server. Even with a supercomputer no one can break our encryption.

Strongest Algorithm: We use 256 bit encryption, means if you try to break the algorithm with normal computer it will take about 8 thousand billion years to crack it & read your data.

So be worry free.


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