5 Of The Most Stable Cryptocurrencies

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Millions of people mining for cryptocurrencies for use on the digital platform to buy goods and services as well as to tip a content developer. However, they are renowned for their volatility in the market and you ought to be cautious when choosing a cryptocurrency. Common is Bitcoin that has experienced substantial changes in prices, making many people avoid cryptocurrencies in scores.

In this guide, we highlight the most overlooked stable cryptocurrencies to use on the market today.


As Bitcoin started out, litecoin was the first alternative to cryptocurrency users. Statistics from Coin Desk Its market capitalization by the end of the fourth quarter in 2016 stood at $149, 142,004, closing the year worth $4.34. Global events affected litecoin, but it proved to be a stable cryptocurrency closing the year nearly $3 above the opening price in at the beginning of the year.


According to The Merkle, this is the most stable cryptocurrency. It is also gaining many miners given its value is pegged to $1. The developers ensured Tether’s stability by pegging it to USD rather than bitcoin. The only downside to this is that it will lose in value as the price of Bitcoin changes. However, its stability against the USD has made it the go to cryptocurrency for trading other currencies.


According to Cryptocoins News, Dogecoin is an underrated cryptocurrency, having shown consistency in listing among the top ten cryptocurrencies regarding market capitalization and value. It ranks as one of the numerously traded coins on the alternative coins exchange. Dogecoin has remained stable, and a lack of trading hardly affects it.


Many cryptocurrency developers only think of the short-term. Peercoin developers purport to have a long-term plan by making sure that the energy requirements of mining Peercoin remain manageable. Users view it as a stable enough currency to integrate it in the global economy for payment services. Its stability lies in offering the long-term user confidence in alternative currency trading.


According to the Top Ten Reviews, this is a second-generation cryptocurrency with emphasis on providing a decentralized system, especially for online exchanges. Individuals transact many of NXT’s exchanges then mediated through the NXT software. The developers ensure the stability of the cryptocurrency by creating an entire online fiscal ecosystem.

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies use two kinds of systems to verify transactions, proof-of-stake, and proof-of-work systems. Proof-of-stake system means that the user with the most coins gets the right to record the next block of operations.