5 Occasions You Were Not Using a VPN, but Should Have Been

RapidVPN/ May 16, 2016/ Blog/

VPN’s can help protect you, and your personal information, when online. As hacking, and data snooping are becoming increasingly common, and as more and more of our personal data is digitally available, now is the perfect time to think about how to secure your internet activities. VPN’s provide the answer to many of our internet security worries. VPN’s ensure that no hacker, data snooper, or official can access any of our online data. Therefore, now is the time to subscribe to a VPN in order to protect your privacy, and prevent data interceptions.


Here are 5 occasions that you should have been using a VPN:


  1. You’re A Researcher

VPN’s can hide your online activities, thus preventing web owners from seeing your access. If you are a researcher this is important as it will ensure that other researchers, companies, or business oppositions, are not aware that you have accessed their site.


  1. You’re In A Different Café Each Day

Free WiFi is great; however, accessing online content via a public network such as that available in a café can put you at risk of being hacked as the connection is usually unsecured. The more cafes you visit, the more opportunities hackers have. To keep your information safe get a VPN as they ensure that all of your information is encrypted- away from prying eyes.


  1. You’re In A Different Country

Different countries allow people to access different sites, but with a VPN you have much better access to online content. For example, if you are in a certain country that does not allow access to Netflix but you want to watch your favorite show, you can bypass this block with a VPN.


  1. You’re Downloading

If you download content to your computer without a VPN then you are at risk of being added to one or another surveillance list. In order to stay off the annoying lists make sure to download via a secure VPN.


  1. You’re Attempting to Voice Chat

If you are in a country that has online content surveillance it is possible for people to intercept voice-over-IP services such as Skype. In order to keep your calls private, and prevent them from being hacked, you should always use a VPN.