4 Top Tips to Finding a Trustworthy VPN Provider

RapidVPN/ March 30, 2016/ Blog/

Just think about everything that you do on the web today, all that personal data, all the banking, all the shopping. Even when you aren’t online, your devices are all talking over the internet- emails, notifications etc. All of the online information is gold for hackers, advertisers and other similar organisations. But, if you use a VPN then you can get some control back, and determine who can access your online information.


A Virtual Private Network or VPN is set up by establishing a virtual point to point connection. This is done through traffic encryption or by using specific connections or virtual tunnelling protocols.  VPNs enable people to extend a private network across a public network like the internet. A VPN lets users send and receive data across the network, as if their devices were connected directly to a private network. This means that the user can benefit from the security, functionality and management policies of a private network.


VPNs are great for individuals who want to secure their wireless transactions, or who want to protect their personal identity and location- particularly helpful for people who regularly use public wifi networks. VPNs are also great for businesses as they allow employees to securely access the businesses intranet whilst away from the office. VPNs also allow separate offices to be connected, creating one network. However, setting up a personal VPN can be challenging for those who aren’t tech savvy, and so you can use a VPN provider, but finding a top VPN provider that is also trustworthy be challenging. Here are 4 top tips to help you find the best, most trustworthy VPN provider.


  1. Established date

Unlike other technological things like computers, phones and TV’s, the older the VPN provider the better. This is because older providers typically spell out what the service does better than newer services. In addition, older providers offer a more minimalistic service than newer providers, and most people find these services easier to use.


  1. Search online

Always do a proper online search, and find out what other people are saying about certain VPN providers. Look for powerful VPN providers that use OpenVPN protocols, or similar. Also look out for providers that offer a service that has a strong privacy policy and community following. Don’t worry too much about speed- as that won’t affect your safety. Also make sure that the VPN provider you choose does not keep any logs of your information that could be exploited to reveal your personal data during connections.


  1. Beware of free providers

As with any free online service it is likely that you will have to deal with dangerous strings attached when you opt for a free VPN provider, so beware of these. Strings can include the installation of unwanted toolbars, third-party applications, corruptions to your default search provider settings and numerous pop-up and pop-under ads. Consider whether you want to sell your soul for such a free deal- if not, then search for a slightly more expensive provider that will not have quite so many downsides- always read the terms of service.


  1. Free trial

Finally, look out for services that provide a free trial and make sure you take advantage of it. Free trials allow you to ensure that you are completely happy with what you sign up for. This is important as most VPN providers will not give you a refund. Even after your free trial is up, start out with a short term contract- up to a week. This will ensure that you are completely happy. Don’t sign up to year-long contracts without a test period- even if it means that you might lose a little bit of money. Just think how much you could lose if the service you choose isn’t up to your performance needs.


Even if you don’t use your VPN all the time, it is still an important tool that everyone should have, just like an online backup service. VPNs will only become more important as all of our devices become more connected, and as we put more information out on the web. So make yourself safe, and find a VPN provider today.