4 Tips on How to Increase Internet Speed

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4 Tips on How to Increase Internet Speed

In the current digital world, you cannot afford to work with a slow internet speed. In fact, internet speed is one of the primary factors that internet service providers use to lure people to purchase their services.

Here are easy, tested, and proven ways of increasing your internet speed.

Make Sure your Laptop is Virus Free

According to cKnow.com, there are more than 100,000 known computer viruses in the world. Some of these viruses can be slowing down the rate at which your browser is accessing various websites by sucking resources. Most of the heavy internet users actually scan their computers multiple times per day.

Check On-System Interference

As posted on Blog Tyrant, there are certain programs including virus scanners that have the capacity to interfere with internet speeds. You can quickly identify these programs by closing some of them off and testing the speed. However, you should switch off your antivirus program with caution as you might end up infecting your computer with a malware as you run the tests. Most experts recommend switch other programs and leaving the antivirus firewall on as you do the tests.

Do You Have Any Filters?

If your internet is directly or indirectly connected to a phone line that has one of multiple telephones on it, you need to make sure that you put in place robust filters on your line to ensure that external disturbances do not compromise your internet speed.

Consider Plugin the Chord

Having Wifi routers around the house is great since you will be able to access the internet from any spot in the house. However, wireless internet is usually tad slow than the modem especially the advanced modems. Try plugin the chord into the modem and connecting it to your laptop then check if the speed improves. This tip is an ideal choice for someone who does not need to move around the house too often.

Bonus Tip: Check External Interference

You definitely have multiple electronic devices in your apartment or house and a number of them may be strategically located near the model. If so, some of these things can interfere with your internet speed as they produce an electromagnetic field. It is recommended to get some of these items away from the modem space to ensure that the speed is not affected by their electromagnetic waves.

These five tips will greatly help to enhance the manner in which you access the internet.