4 Tips for Preventing Your Email from Been Hacked

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4 Tips for Preventing Your Email from Been Hacked

Despite numerous sensitization programs about vulnerable of email accounts to hacking, millions of emails are still hacked by cybercriminals. According to a post on NY Times, Yahoo said that close to more one billion user accounts were compromised in 2014. During this attack, sensitive information that could be used to reset the password such as dates of birth, telephone numbers and unencrypted security questions was netted by the hackers.

Today, we look at four tips that you can use to ensure that your email is safe from hackers.

Evaluate Your Interactions with Customers Online

Thanks to the increased internet connectivity across the globe and advancement in technology, keeping in touch with customers is now easy. However, you could be exposing your email to heinous clients who are not interested in your products or services, but your email account. According to Dark Reading, maintain good communication with clients is essential to your brand, but you should be careful not to overdo it.  You might install a spyware on your computer unknowingly by clicking on a link contained in a spoofed email.

Avoid Login from Untrusted Computers

Public computers especially those in stationed in coffee shops and libraries are known to contain malicious malware that are specifically installed to net details of anyone who uses them to browse the internet. If you have to use such computers, desist from login to your email accounts. As stated in a Huffington post, any computer that you do not maintain even your colleagues could be infected with a spyware.

Make Your Password Strong and Unique

You might think that your password is unique and unshakable because it contains multiple weird characters, but it may not be strong enough if it is short. Ideally, the longer and unique a password is, the more uncrackable it is. The password should not also be among the list of popular passwords or in any way associated with your company.

Activate Two-Step Verification

Most of the email service providers such as Google and Yahoo have a two-step verification process that is designed to add another layer of security to emails. By activating is verification, you will get a unique code on your phone that you will be required to enter after keying in your username and password to get full access to the account.

These simple tips have been proven to very effective in protecting emails from being hacked. Start embracing them today to be on the safe side.