4 Tips for Creating a Strong Password

RapidVPN/ June 23, 2018/ Blog/

The importance of creating a strong password cannot be overemphasized. Quite a lot of people make the mistake of using their names or nicknames with their birth year as a password. However, their accounts become vulnerable when hackers try to conjure possible passwords.

However, to make a strong password, consider the following tips:

  1. Avoid using Common Passwords

Most people make the mistake of using common passwords that are known to almost everybody. Using passwords such as 123456, qwerty, 1234, etc. These types of passwords are prone to brute force and dictionary attacks. Besides, using the name of your pet, car model, and other easy-to-guess passwords are dangerous to your account. No matter how easy it seems, do not relate your password to yourself.

  1. Make Your Password Longer

Longer passwords are stronger than short passwords. Regardless of their complexities, longer passwords are not easy to be compromised. When creating a long password, use different types of characters, mix upper and lower cases. When you make your password longer and include special character, the number of attempts a hacker will make will be increased before your account can become vulnerable. If your password is long, it becomes more complicated to be hacked.

  1. Do Not Duplicate Your Password

The best way to make your account vulnerable is to use your passwords into multiple platforms; it is highly dangerous for you because once one of your accounts is hacked successfully, every account stored in your browser has become vulnerable too. Besides, the websites you visit may not be strong equally in terms of security, so, if it is hacked your information may be stolen and an attempt is made on your account and attempted across other related websites.

  1. Use a Password Manager

There are several password managers on the market with excellent features and security. These password managers create highly encrypted and long passwords and save them. Most of them provide log in assistance, such that you do not have to remember passwords, you only need to memorize the password to your password manager. Most password managers work across all devices; thus, you are assured of a seamless experience. The list of password managers is inexhaustible comprising the likes of LastPass, RoboForm, and others.