3 Security Trends of Threats in 2017

RapidVPN/ September 21, 2017/ Blog/

Websites that specialize in providing information about internet security are continuously finding new threats and reporting about them more frequently nowadays. Physical solutions can no longer be trusted to protect your database and systems from hackers. The new generation of cyber criminals uses psychological and social-technical strategies to achieve their objectives.

Here are three security trends of threats in 2017 you should be aware about.

Few People Take the Security of their Mobile Devices Serious

According to a report done by F-Secure whose details were posted on Info Security Magazine, only 32% of people who use mobile devices have installed and use anti-virus software. Because these devices can easily be carried around, most users prefer storing sensitive documents and credentials such as copies of their ID cards. In addition, most people do not leverage encrypted data transmission channels when sharing documents with colleagues while on the road.

Such loopholes are been exploited by criminals to infiltrate company databases and steal private information without arousing the attention of the IT departments. It is recommended to use a VPN channel when using mobile devices to ensure that the data is encrypted and kept away from the prying eyes of criminals.

Increase in Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have become more prevalent nowadays. As the name suggests, a ransomware locks you out of your computer until you pay a specified amount of money as ransom to the hackers. Most of the criminals usually use names and links of popular transport and shipping companies as well as personalized emails. Clicking on any of the links contained in the malicious emails automatically starts the data encryption process.

Companies can safeguard themselves from this kind of threats by seeking the services of an external data hosting company. It is the sole mandate of the data hosting service provider to ensure that the data is secure at all times.

Loopholes in IoT

Internet of Things has gained massive traction across the globe due to increased attention and allure of intelligent home management systems. You can now remotely take full control of your home appliances such as washing machines. Poor IoT networks that are not properly designed and secured can be exploited by hackers. For example, they can tell when you are in the house by evaluating the room temperature management system logs.


Clearly, advancement in information technology not only makes our lives more comfortable by redefining how we communicate and share information but also poses new security threats. It is imperative that you be keep tabs on these new threats and set up secure networks to be on the safe side. You can start today by installing robust anti-virus software on all your mobile devices and computer.