3 Phones That Are Made For Privacy

RapidVPN/ November 8, 2018/ Blog/

Privacy has become a crucial factor for some phone users who feel insecure about the level of exposure of their location and other private information by most smartphones on the market. Most phones are bad for privacy as their GPS connects automatically and the data connection supports tracking cookies, usage statistics, and advertising IDs among other privacy threats.

While it may be difficult to have 100% secure phones or phones specially designed for privacy, some phones are on the market that has a higher level of privacy when compared to other phones. Besides, phone manufacturers have begun to incorporate advanced privacy features such as enhanced encryption, VPN, biometrics, hardware-assisted security, and security patch time frames. After a thorough analysis of all the phones on the market, here are 3 phones that are made for privacy.


  1. Apple iPhone X

Apple launched iPhone X in November 2017 with improved features. This iOS in its typical design offers an enhanced user experience and increased security. The company regularly sends latest patches to its phones including iPhone X Sue to their direct control over the hardware.

Apple iPhone X comes with a Face ID feature that makes it very difficult to crack. The phone is more secure and reliable against vulnerabilities. The Apple’s app ecosystem is well-regulated and free from malware-infected apps.

Apple iPhone X is designed for privacy due to its design and the integrated face ID, which is more secure than a password, code, or fingerprint scanner. The phone is sold for $999.


  1. Blackberry KEYone

Blackberry phones have always been in the news for efficiency and suitability for business people before the iOS and Android operating systems were developed. Released in April 2017, Blackberry KEYone is a combination of the best of Android OS and unique security feature of the old operating system.

Blackberry KEYone is a phone designed for privacy with its Linux Kernel that defies any form of hacking and secure TCL hardware-based encryption. The market price of Blackberry KEYone is $649.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best Android phones that offer advanced privacy, and it was released in August 2017. With an extensive collection of Android smartphones on the market, one might feel intimidated by the available choices. However, with the particular design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Samsung Knox that combines software and hardware encryption for a higher level of privacy of user data, you just cannot ask for more.

The Samsung Knox plays a critical role in ensuring user’s privacy by separating personal data from professional data to prevent data merging or leaks. The phone also comes with a secure boot key integration that secures it at every boot. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is sold for $950.


As awareness increases for privacy, more phones are expected to be designed with enhanced privacy features going forward.