Monthly Archives: January 2020

How Can Local Governments Upgrade Their Defenses?

RapidVPN/ January 31, 2020/ Blog/

As years pass by, and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, government agencies should ensure that they follow the best practices to keep their systems safe. The infrastructure of state and local agencies is usually in a state in which governments deploy citizen-facing apps at scale; they use them to leverage digital platforms to manage the utilities such as water and electricity,

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Technology’s Disruptive Potential

RapidVPN/ January 24, 2020/ Blog/

The list of new technologies is growing every day, and even though not every emerging technology has the ability to change the business or social landscape, some of them certainly have the potential to alter the way people live and work. Therefore, it is crucial that business and other leaders understand the way in which certain technologies will matter to

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A decade of hacking: Most important events

RapidVPN/ January 15, 2020/ Blog/

As a decade has ended, it is time for us to retake the view upon the most serious and devastating cyberattacks that have occurred. Since 2010, billions of different sensitive files, account details and personal information have been leaked due to terrible hacks and various damaging breaches. One thing is for sure: the size and impact of the attacks have

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